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LDS Clipart by Val Chadwick Bagley

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LDS Clipart by Val Bagley

LDS Clipart by Val Bagley


The Bottom Line

Over 750 color and black/white images are available on this CD-Rom. An easy to use browser makes it quick to copy and paste into any software program, or just print directly to your printer.


  • No software to install
  • Easy to use browser to view LDS clipart
  • Clipart graphics are in both color and black/white


  • All LDS clipart is cartoonish, not photo like
  • Graphics may be too large for some programs


  • Over 750 LDS clipart images by Val Chadwick Bagley
  • Images in both color and black and white, perfect for primary coloring pages
  • LDS clipart of whimsical characters in vibrant colors with a unique and fun artistic style

Guide Review - LDS Clipart by Val Chadwick Bagley

Val Chadwick Bagley is a talented cartoonist, author of the popular "Mormonisms" page of the New Era. Also known as "The Cartoonist Guy", Val has created this great new collection of LDS clipart to liven up any project. Perfect for a ward and family newsletters, preparing lessons, or entertaining your children during church (or primary class) with the many black and white coloring pages.

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