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Sharing Time - I Will Follow Him in Faith

An object lesson to teach the principle of faith.


Preparation: Make a treasure hunt: write down clues to lead the children around the church. Get a prize for each child at the end. Gather pictures of stories about faith from the scriptures i.e. Isaac and Abraham, Daniel and the lions den, Stripling Warrior, Noah.

Directions: Talk about the meaning of faith (things that are hoped for but not seen). Tell the children you are going on a treasure hunt and there is a prize at the end. At each stop explain a faithful story and how each person "hoped for something that was not seen." At the end give the children the prize.

Clipart and New Era Posters: Conclusion: In life we are given directions and don't know what is in the end. If we follow Him in faith, there too will be a prize for us greater then we could ever imagine.

Submitted by: Lisa

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