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LDS Primary Singing Time Idea - Musical Note

A sound meter to help the children watch the director when singing.


Preparation: Create a musical note sign. Preferably use card stock to make it sturdier. (Popsicle sticks work great as handles.)

Optional Clipart: Musical Note (Outlined) Musical Note (Filled)

Directions: Have a child stand in the front of the group and give them the sign. Instruct the children that during the song when the child holds the sign up high they sing louder, when the sign is held lower they sing softer. Have the best singer (or best attempt) come up to hold the sign for the next song.

Note: If the children are too rowdy with this it would be best for the director to control the sign. You can tell them they can still sing loud and be reverent by not shouting or yelling.

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