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How Can I Locate Lost Latter-day Saints?


Question: How Can I Locate Lost Latter-day Saints?
Answer: Here are some ways to try and find "lost" members of the LDS Church:
  1. Try posting in the LDS Community Forum under the category "Introductions" the names and possible locations of those you are looking for. DO NOT post phone numbers, birth dates, addresses, or other personal information.

    If you know HOW to reach the person being searched for please give that person the info of the person looking for them so that they can make the initial contact if they wish.

  2. Visit LDS3D.com (Three Degrees of Separation) a site for LDS friends to keep in touch and to make new friends. The main difference with this site and others is that it's not a "dating" or "singles" site, but a way for Latter-day Saint friends to stay connected.
Note: The membership department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is no longer processing Membership Locater forms. One of the reasons I was given is that the number of requests was overwhelming, although there may be other reasons.
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