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My Journal Clipart Pages

Twelve Ready to Print Journal Clipart Pages to Help Create a Personal History


My Journal Clipart Pages

My Journal Clipart Pages

The Friend Magazine - Emily Orgill
These pictures, by Emily Orgill, were in the monthly issues of the 2002 Friend which I modified to remove the month and year. This way they can be used during any time and any year to help children create their own journal. The twelve pages are:
  • My Journal (About Me)
  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • My Heroes
  • Activities That Keep Me Busy
  • I Am Thankful For
  • My Favorite Scripture Stories
  • Our Latter-day Prophet Is
  • My Many Talents
  • How I Can Be More Like Jesus Christ
  • Sometimes My Life Is Difficult
  • What I Have Learned and Ways I Have Grown This Year
Journal Clipart:
I divided the pages into two PDF files (about 400k each)
My Journal Clipart Pages 1-6
My Journal Clipart Pages 7-12

Note: You could also use these journal pages to help teach a lesson on Family Tree.

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