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Digital Month: How Can I Find LDS News?

Make LDS (Mormon) News Find You!


LDS News
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  • Occasionally, I send close family and friends interesting religion articles, usually about the Church. A friend once asked me, "How do you find these articles?" I told her, "I don't, they find me."

    It is a little more complex than that, but I use some digital tools that monitor the news. These tools look for LDS news, grab it and put it in a list for me to review on my computer. Once set up, it's effortless.

    I go into more detail in How Can I Find LDS News? Accessing forty LDS news sources looking for news could keep me busy all day, every day. Having my feed reader do it for me is effective and time efficient.

    My best estimate is there are about 200-400 news articles, referring to the Church, every day. If there's a hot topic, the number can exceed 1,000. Unless you have an army of people, you can only review a portion of them.

    However, a feed reader can make it manageable. All you have to do is scroll through the news, read the headlines and access what you want. What could be simpler?

    I like to see a little duplication in the articles my feed reader comes up with. Only then can I be certain I'm finding everything that's out there.

    I used Google Reader as my feed reader for years. When Google publicized its demise, I quickly switched to NetVibes. Once David Pogue favorably reviewed Feedly, I switched to it instead. I'm very happy with it and don't anticipate switching to anything else.

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